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Jan 27 2022

ESO Operations Helpdesk and User Portal

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Login to the ESO Operations Helpdesk via the ESO User Portal has been enabled for all users. The login button is located in the top-right corner of the user interface and will take you to the ESO User Portal login screen. After logging in, you can submit a ticket using the "Submit Helpdesk Ticket" button, this ticket will be pre-filled with your contact information. Use the "My tickets" entry in the user menu available from the top-right corner of the interface to access your tickets. On that page, you can see the status of your requests and you can also interact with us directly from the site. Email interactions remain of course possible, this new feature does not supersede the communication channel that you are already used to.

UPDATE on 28 Mar 2022: it is now possible again to submit a ticket to the Operations Helpdesk without being logged in to your User Portal account. If you use the same email address in the ticket form as the one in your User Portal profile, you will be able to see the ticket on your "My tickets" page if you login later. If the address is different then it will not appear under your tickets, but you will of course still be able to interact with us via email for the resolution of said ticket once it is submitted.