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Webinar to get started with Period 112 proposal preparation - News / General - ESO Operations Helpdesk

Jan 26 2023

Webinar to get started with Period 112 proposal preparation

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Shortly after the publication of the Call for Proposal for ESO Period 112 at the end of February, ESO plans to offer a webinar highlighting the news in the Call for Proposals and providing the possibility to interact with ESO staff on various aspects of proposal preparation for the La Silla Paranal Observatory. This session will take place online on Friday 3 March 2023 at 12 CET, using the MS Teams platform.

This 1.5-hour session will provide an overview of the available material on our website as well as cover the following topics:

  • News and changes in P112
  • VLT-ALMA joint proposals from the VLT and from the ALMA perspective
  • New instruments: ERIS and NIRPS
  • Distributed Peer Review (DPR) and Phase 1 tools updates.

Finally, there will be the possibility for anyone present to ask questions on the various aspects of proposal preparation.

Further details are available on the workshop website:

There is no registration fee for this event. Registration is suggested if you want to receive information, but is not mandatory. The link to the meeting will be made public on the event's website a few days before the event.