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General information about the ESO User Portal

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ESO User Portal General Information and FAQ page.

Introduced in November 2007, the ESO User Portal is an interface connecting ESO and its user community. Within this system, account information (username, password, contact information) for all science and observations related web-based applications (e.g. p1 (proposal preparation), p2 (observing preparation), etc.) is unified, and user-controllable.

This interface is the result of a large inter-division collaborative effort, that has involved all those ESO groups and departments responsible for providing operational support to the users via different web-based applications (e.g. proposal submission, preparation of Phase 2 packages, access to the ESO Archive). It is intended to make the use of ESO web applications simpler, and more manageable. For instance, users use the same username and password for all applications that require them.

And over the years  we have released new related features:

  • As a complement to the newly-released p1 proposal system, and as a first step towards better handling of the refereeing process and bias assessment/mitigation, users who wish to submit a proposal and/or have accepted the role of OPC/Panel member are prompted to provide additional information in their User Portal profile.  One aspect of this additional information is the user's ORCID iD, allowing for a  more robust association between researchers and their publications of ESO data.
  • There are three different sorts of User Portal "delegation": 
  • The ESO Science Archive is the access point for PIs and their data delegates to their proprietary data. This includes raw data and associated calibrations and processed data for selected instruments and projects.

More features will be added in the future. For further information see the questions and answers below, refer to the Related Contents sections on the right, or read The Messenger article announcing the launch of the User Portal.

Below you will find the ESO User Portal general frequently asked questions (FAQ).

If you have a question or issue not covered by one or more of the FAQ in this knowledgebase please feel free to submit a helpdesk ticket via the button on the top right of this page.  Note that the login link on top right uses the User Portal.

ESO User Portal Frequently Asked Questions (General)

  • When do I need to use the User Portal? 

Answer: You will need to use your single User Portal username and password to access all science and observations related web-based applications where logins are normally required (e.g. p2 for Phase 2 preparation). Included in this is requesting data from the Science Archive Facility (especially when you as a Principal Investigator request to retrieve your proprietary raw data, checking the time allocation information for observing proposals, checking the status of Service Mode runs, etc.

In addition, you will need your ESO User Portal account for proposal preparation (p1).

  • Which browser do I need to use to access the User Portal?

Answer: The ESO User Portal runs under any modern browser.

  • I have problems with logging into the User Portal and/or authenticating myself when starting a User Portal dependent application.  Who should I contact? 

Answer: In case of problems please submit a helpdesk ticket via the button on the top right of this page (note that the login link on top right uses the User Portal).   Please provide as many details as you think necessary (including what you are trying to do, in what way it fails, what browser (version) you are using, etc.).

  • Is there an ESO User Portal Newsletter? 

Answer: No, there is no User Portal Newsletter. ESO does produce an electronic newsletter (see for details, including how to subscribe), and news about the ESO User Portal will be announced there.

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