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What is the Distributed Peer Review (DPR)

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What is the Distributed Peer Review (DPR)

From P110 (Oct 2022-Mar 2023) ESO  has introduced the Distributed Peer Review (DPR) for the time allocation of submitted proposals requesting a telescope time shorter than 16 hours including overheads.

Exceptions to this general rule are:

  • Proposals including at least one ToO run;
  • Calibration proposals;
  • Joint VLT-XMM proposals.

All other proposals submitted during a regular cycle will be reviewed in the classical way by the OPC and the panels

 All PIs of proposals qualifying for DPR accept to review a number of proposals submitted by their peers during the same cycle. Similarly, they accept that their proposal/s is/are reviewed by an equal number of peers who submitted proposals in the same cycle.

For more details, please consult our page on Distributed Peer Review.

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