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How to prepare your observation in p2 - Knowledgebase / How to prepare your observations (Phase 2) - ESO Operations Helpdesk

How to prepare your observation in p2

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How to prepare your observation in p2

The Observing Blocks can be prepared through our web-tool p2. You can easily log in by using your User Portal credentials (yes! the same you used for accessing p1 and submitting your proposal and to check the web-letter).

After logging in, you will see that the instrument runs defined in your approved Phase 1 proposal now appear in your account. For each run you should prepare one or more OB to define the associated observation. 

To guide you step by step, we have created a series of tutorials from the creation of a single and simple OB to more complex structures such as OB containers. Let's go in order. Follow link after link the following list of tutorials and you will become  a pro of the ESO Phase 2!