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Instrument-specific FAQ (UVES) (Phase 2)

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Frequently Asked Questions related to UVES

  • Why do I have to make my finding charts so small? There is nothing but the target star in the 1-arcmin field of view.

Answer: Finding charts are not searching charts - they are only meant to confirm the pointing and to guide the operator in case of a crowded field. The pointing accuracy of the telescope is about 1", so if the user-supplied finding chart shows a single bright object, but nothing is visible in the slit viewer camera field of view, then something is very wrong and the OB gets aborted and returned to the user. The slit viewer camera field of view is about 45" x 45", so the 1'x1' finders are perfectly suited, allowing for slight pointing offsets. A larger field of view on the finding chart will only confuse the operator, and since (s)he's not supposed to be hunting for the target anyway, such large charts are superfluous.