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What is Phase 2 Delegation?

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What is Phase 2 Delegation?

Delegation is a process by which the Principle Investigator of an observing run or the owner of a Phase 3 programme grants different access rights to another User Portal registrant. The rights granted in this manner depend on the type of delegation granted: Phase 2 delegates are granted the ability to use p2 or p2ls or vOT to make observing preparations for the corresponding run as if they were the Principle Investigator. For Data Access delegation you can find more details at this article.

Through Phase 2 delegation the PI of an observing run allows one or more users to make observing preparations using their own User Portal account credentials rather than those of the PI herself/himself, using p2 or p2ls and/or vOT. If a Visitor Mode PI is not present at the telescope but is relying instead on a colleague to conduct their observations that PI can either divulge their User Portal username and password to that colleague or more simply delegate Phase 2 tasks to that colleague. Keep in mind that a Phase 2 delegate does not have any special access to data from a run, and Data Access delegates cannot use their own User Portal account to make observation preparations for a run. It is thus very important when making a delegation to be aware of which type of delegation is being granted.

You can find here some Frequently Asked Questions about Phase 2 Delegation:

  • How do I add a Phase 2 delegate to my observing run?

As PI of an observing run, login to your User Portal account and click on the 'Delegate Phase 2 tasks' link in the Phase 2 tile (see image below).

This will take you to the Grant/Revoke/View Phase 2 and Data Access Rights... interface that will allow you to enter the delegate's email - as recorded in their User Portal profile - and select 'Phase 2' checkbox before clicking on the 'delegate' button. The delegate's name and email will show up in the Phase 2 column when the action is successful. 

  • I have made a delegation, but my colleague does not see the run in p2, p2ls, or vOT. What is wrong?

There are two possible reasons for this to be the case.The delegate needs to make a fresh login to p2/p2ls or simply refresh their browser page while still logged into p2/p2ls.The form of delegation that was granted is incorrect. That is, Data Access delegation was granted rather than Phase 2 delegation. This can of course be fixed by simply delegating to the colleague Phase 2 access rights.

  • I have travelled to the telescope to observe for my colleague, but I cannot see their run, nor their OBs, in vOT. What is wrong?

There can only be one reason for this: the PI of the run has not granted you Phase 2 delegation. Once they do grant that delegation the problem will be resolved.

  • The page tells me that the e-mail address I've entered in the delegation e-mail address field is invalid, but I know it's correct. What is going on?

The e-mail address that you supply must match the one that your delegate is using in their ESO User Portal profile. If in doubt, consult your colleague for the correct address.

  • Can I delegate Phase 2 rights to more than one person?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of people to whom you can grant Phase 2 access.

  • When I delegate some Phase 2 right, do I give up my own rights?

No, you always retain your own rights.

  • I have been designated as a delegate. As a delegate can I make a further delegation?

Sorry, but "sub-delegations" are not possible.

  • When does the delegation (or revocation) take effect?

Immediately upon clicking the corresponding delegate, delegate all, revoke, or revoke all button.